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Dahua Westward Journey 3

Director: Liu Zhenwei
Make: Tone/Sound

Dahua Westward Journey 3 is a magic love film produced by the Spring and Autumn Period Film Industry, Lehua Entertainment and Starlight Alliance Film Industry. It is directed by Liu Zhenwei, starred by Han Geng and Tang Yan, and starred by Wu Jing, Mo Wenwei, Zhang Yao, Zhang Chao, Xie Nan, Wang Yibo and Huang Zheng.  

This film mainly tells the epic love story of the Supreme Treasure and Zixia, who use the Moonlight Treasure Box to change their destiny. It was released in mainland China on September 14, 2016.



The Zixia Fairy (Tang Yan), who died at the fork of the Bull Demon King in The Great Sage's Wedding in the Great Tale of the Westward Journey, will see this in advance through the Moonlight Treasure Box. In order to avoid tragedy, she chooses to return to the past and not let the Supreme Treasure (Han Geng) fall in love with her. And the Supreme Treasure reunites with Bai Jingjing (Karen Mok) who has been waiting for him. All kinds of love hate disputes in the past life and this life are staged for the last time in the six samsaras.

The story comes from the Chinese classic Journey to the West. An important role, namely, the six eared macaque, has been added to the Dahua Journey to the West 3. Dahua Journey to the West 3 is neither a prequel nor a sequel, but a retelling of the story of the year and a new ending with the "Moonlight Treasure Box". It took Liu Zhenwei more than two weeks to complete the script of Dahua Westward Journey 3, which took eight months to prepare