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Talent Recruitment

Film and television planning

Commissioning Engineer

Marketing consultant

Main Responsibilities: Plan various kinds of film and television advertisements and enterprise promotional films Be responsible for the creation, content outline and script compilation Work content: 1. Help customers sort out data and plan program content; 2. Propose film and television creative countermeasures and propose to customers in the form of PPT 3. Refine the plan from outline to shot script 4. Communicate to the production department and guide the production. Required Competencies: 1. Excellent language expression ability. 2. Innovative thinking ability. 3. Ability to arrange various PPTs. Those with the following abilities are preferred: 1. More than 3 years of working experience is preferred. 2. Experience in film and television editing or in an advertising company exhibition company is preferred. 3. Professionals with mature language skills in film and television advertising are preferred.
1. Weak current system integration 2. Strong sense of responsibility, able to accept business trips 3. Be familiar with the installation and use of host, projection, splicing screen, security monitoring, network and other equipment 4. Testing, deployment, training and maintenance of multimedia customized software 5. Experience in weak current project is preferred 6. Accommodation Working hours: 9.30-18.00, weekend weekend
1. College degree or above in marketing, planning, media and other related majors is preferred. 2. Experience in exhibition, exhibition hall design, site, multimedia, engineering and other project related industries is preferred. 3. Strong language expression, logical thinking ability and independent business negotiation ability. 4. Five insurances and one fund, travel allowance, telephone allowance and meal allowance. 5. The company is established as a group, with snacks and afternoon tea, and regular travel. 6. Working hours: 9:30~18:00, weekend weekend. 7. Accept new students.