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Director: Liao Xi, Han Ping
Make: Tone/Sound

Defender is a feature film jointly produced by Jiaze (Shanghai) Film and Television Culture Studio and Beijing Shengyu Film and Television Culture Investment Co., Ltd., which was released in China on September 22, 2017, directed by Liao Xi and Han Ping, and starred by Bai En, He Ziming, Lv Xingchen, Wang Lu, Song Zhenhuan, Yang Junsheng, Xiao Lin Chengnan, etc.

The film is based on real historical events and character stories. It tells the story of Yao Ziqing, the anti Japanese hero, who led 600 heroes to guard Baoshan County, a strategic place in Shanghai, during the Songhu Battle between China and Japan in 1937. In the extremely difficult predicament of outnumbered enemies, great disparity in firepower and backward equipment, he fought with the enemy for seven days and seven nights, and finally died heroically.



The Battle of Songhu broke out in August 1937. Yao Ziqing, 28 years old and then the battalion commander of the National Revolutionary Army, led 600 troops to guard Baoshan County, the strategic point of preventing Japanese troops from landing and advancing, and to defend against the attack launched by 2500 Japanese troops of Yingsen Xiaolian Group with the cooperation of tanks, aircraft and naval guns. In the face of such disadvantages as the enemy being outnumbered, backward equipment, great disparity in firepower, the Japanese army's tactics of coordinated naval, land and air attacks, and the fact that Baoshan City has no evidence of danger, Yao Ziqing formulated a strategy of "fighting against Baoshan instead of guarding it". The Japanese army paid a heavy price of more than 200 casualties in the first battle. During the seven days of bloody battle to guard Baoshan, Yao Ziqing, with his outstanding military command ability and strategic wisdom, judged the situation, flexibly used various tactics, fought with the Japanese army for wisdom and courage, and resisted the Japanese army's crazy attacks again and again with unexpected positional warfare, ambush warfare, sniper warfare, etc. In the early morning of September 7, with the cooperation of the reinforcements, the Japanese troops broke into the city. Yao Ziqing led more than 20 remnant soldiers. Under the terrible situation that reinforcements were wiped out and food and ammunition were about to be used up, he made up his mind to "swear to live and die with Baoshan" and fought with the Japanese army in the street for hours. Finally, all the officers and soldiers of the battalion died bravely in the country.