FEI Academy Courses

It has a number of elite tutors with first-line work experience. The curriculum development closely follows the market demand and can provide multiple professional disciplines such as film and television special effects production, editing and packaging, Leonardo da Vinci color mixing, model rendering, AE special effects omnipotence, animation CG production, virtual human special effects and operation.

Realize curriculum complementation and optimization, make online and offline more flexible

Academy Courses

Film and television special effects production

Industry analysis, special effect photography, lens tracking, ROTO technology, film and television art, Nuke elementary and advanced, stereo conversion, blue and green screen matting, painting junior high school and senior high school courses, etc

Academy Courses

Clip packaging

Listening to language classes, film and television screenwriting, editing theory and editing software operation, long story editing, medium and short story editing, and post production

Academy Courses

DaVinci Resolve

Expand the government's business of attracting investment, and attract investment for all aspects of the government, especially guarantee companies and funds

Academy Courses

Model Rendering

Model making, light making, material rendering, detail embellishment, rendering synthesis, etc., and the use of eight mainstream software systems in the current industry

Academy Courses

AE special effect all-around

All round technical course training meeting the hottest effects at present, such as short videos, promotional films, film and television special effects, variety art packaging, MG animation, etc

Academy Courses

Virtual human production and operation

Communication skills of virtual idol business design, industry foresight and software introduction, UE4 large-scale realistic environment animation system VR interaction, UE4 game product development, role production and animation technology, virtual idol live broadcast technology, virtual idol operation scheme project training

In the whole teaching process, we deeply combined the actual project production, and created high-quality learning plans for students through the analysis of classic cases. A "practical and practical" teaching mode integrating creative planning, artistic cultivation, project management, process specification, professional skills, training experience, employment guidance and recommendation will be formed.

Course Outline

Exclusive and innovative teaching mode, practice and theory complement each other

Animation CG production

Teach the overview of the film and television industry, basic video knowledge and software functions, basic filming skills of film and television, and explain the audio-visual language and lens language of film and television.

Digital virtual human production

It covers the practical training of various digital virtual human role production and animation technology, virtual idol live broadcast technology, virtual idol operation scheme and other projects

Post production of film and television

Editing software and lens analysis, editing practice of music, dynamic effects, subtitles, etc., basic explanation of color mixing and composition, AE software application: material processing and composition, special effects production.

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