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New Wulong Yard

Director: Zhu Yanping
Production: color mixing/sound/special effects

The New Wulong Theater Laughs in the Jianghu is a comedy action film produced by Fujian Hengye Film Co., Ltd. Directed by Zhu Yanping, starring Wang Ning, Wang Zhi, Wu Mengda, Kong Lianshun, Hao Shaowen, etc., which was released in Chinese Mainland on August 17, 2018.

This film tells about a series of ironic and embarrassing things that happened in the Wulong Yard when the new host, Master Changmei, led Xiaowen, Sunshine, Ruirui and other disciples.



Another year, during the enrollment season of Wulong Academy, Awei (Wang Ning) and Cheng Mingxing (Kong Lianshun), who wanted to be villains, entered Wulong Academy to learn martial arts. Although they succeeded in deceiving the trust of Master Changmei (Wu Mengda), they acted strangely, which aroused the suspicion of the disciples of Wulong Academy, and a series of absurd things began to happen.

It is based on Ao Youxiang's classic cartoon IP "Wulong Yard". It tells us that Awei (Wang Ning), who wants to be a villain, and Cheng Mingxing (Kong Lianshun), who wants to "learn from the bad", have sneaked into the Wulong Academy again in the new year's enrollment season. They want to learn from the bad and shoulder a secret mission. In order to win the trust of Chang Mei Shifu (Wu Mengda), the two of them and a group of disciples, such as Elder Martial Brother Xiao Wen (Hao Shaowen), Elder Martial Brother Liang Chao (Liang Chao), Sunshine (Zhang Junhao), and "Little Sister Snake and Scorpion Beauty" Rui Rui (Li Xinrui), have a series of ugly things in the Wulong Court. With the appearance of the mysterious woman (Wang Zhi), the absurd thing of fighting wits and courage is about to happen