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Director: Stephen Chow
Make: Sound

Mermaid is a love comedy produced by China Film Co., Ltd., Starlight Overseas Co., Ltd., directed and written by Stephen Chow, and starred by Deng Chao, Luo Zhixiang, Zhang Yuqi and Lin Yun.

This film tells the story of Liu Xuan, a rich man, falling in love with the beautiful mermaid Shanshan who went to kill him in order to save his family and wrote a mermaid love fairy tale. The film was released simultaneously in mainland China and Hong Kong on February 8, 2016.

It is said that mermaids take the waist as the boundary. Most of them are beautiful women on the upper body and beautiful fish tails in scales on the lower body. The whole body is both attractive and easy to escape quickly. There are male and female, male and female. They have no soul and are as ruthless as the sea; The voice is usually deceptive, just like its appearance; It has many characteristics, such as temptation, vanity, beauty, cruelty and desperate love. It can not only live under water, but also live on dry land for a short time. In addition, it can also be amphibious and even have magic ability due to the modern people's imagination.



The real estate plan of Liu Xuan (Deng Chao), a rich man, involves reclamation, threatening the residents who live by the sea. Because of the destruction of the sea and ecology by human beings, the mermaid can only be driven to a broken ship to survive, and Shan Shan (Lin Yun), who carries the family secret, is sent to stop the reclamation plan. Liu Xuan is a person who makes achievements by his own efforts. Although he is rich on the surface, he is actually empty and lonely. He and the mermaid Shanshan have mutual feelings in the process of fighting. Liu Xuan finally stopped reclamation because he fell in love with Shanshan, but Shanshan disappeared into the sea due to accidental injury