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Director: Jin Zhencheng
Make: Sound

Twin is an urban suspense romance directed by Jin Zhencheng, starring Liu Haoran and Chen Turin. The film tells the story of Li Pin, a student of the art school, who came to a remote mansion in the forest to draw a portrait of the girl Tao, and a series of strange events took place. The film was released in mainland China on May 18, 2019.

Starring: Liu Haoran, Chen Turin



Li Pin, an art school student, got a part-time job for a month by chance. The job was to paint a portrait of Tao, the girl who welcomed her birthday. For this reason, he came to a remote mansion. The two young people, who had never met before, became friends. However, in the process of getting along with each other day and night, Li Pin gradually discovered that there seemed to be some unknown secrets hidden in the house, and the relationship between him and Tao gradually became more subtle.

In order to get rid of the dark past and enter a new life as soon as possible, Rachel and Anthony decided to move their family to the rural town of Ningjiang, where they would repair the broken family. Who knows, before long, all kinds of visions happened to the surviving brother Eliot. Eliot told his parents that his dead brother had not left, but had been pestering and bothering him all the time.