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War Wolf

Director: Wu Jing
Make: Tone/Sound

Wolf is a modern military war film directed by Wu Jing and starring Wu Jing, Yu Nan, Ni Dahong, Scott Atkins, Zhou Xiaoou, etc., which was released in Chinese Mainland on April 2, 2015.

The film is adapted from Bullet Marks, written by the dancing witch, and tells the legend of a small character growing into a brave hero who saves the fate of the country and the nation.

On June 20, 2015, "War Wolf" won four awards at Jackie Chan Action Film Week, including best action film, best action actor, best stunt and best fight scene design. On August 6, 2016, the organizing committee of the 20th Huading Award announced the list of top 50 films in Hong Kong, with the film "War Wolf" topping the list. On September 7, the film won the Best Screenplay Award, the Best Emerging Director Award, the Best Action Film Guidance Award, the Best Film Producer Award and the first place in the film satisfaction survey of the 20th Huading Award. On September 24, the film won the Excellent Film and Best New Artist Award at the 33rd Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award.  



Leng Feng (Wu Jing), who is full of ruffian character, has repeatedly caused trouble. Some people say he is a rascal, a ruffian, and some people say he is a hero and a legend. In an action, Leng Feng disobeyed the military order and killed a terrorist. He wanted to be expelled from the team, but he was unexpectedly accepted by the war wolf of the mysterious army. But he wanted to continue to cause trouble in another place, but he jumped into another abyss, the cold and arrogant vice captain of the war wolf, Long Xiaoyun (Yu Nan), a sexy female captain who sparks ambiguity, a scheming drug kingpin, a team mate who died in vain, and a mercenary who crossed the border to invade China, all make him in trouble. Everything is testing the cancer cold front of this team. He doesn't know where to go.